Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova


1.4 gwei
Market Cap
120.21M ETH
10.633 per second
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Hang tight, Arbitrum Nova is coming soon to Dora! Current page is surfacing Ethereum activity as placeholder.

About Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova is a high-performance alternative to Arbitrum One's chain. While Arbitrum One implements the purely trustless Rollup protocol, Arbitrum Nova implements the mostly trustless AnyTrust protocol. They key difference between Rollup and AnyTrust is that the AnyTrust protocol introduces an additional trust assumption in the form of a data availability committee (DAC). This committee is responsible for expediting the process of storing, batching, and posting L2 transaction data to Ethereum's L1. This lets you use Arbitrum in scenarios that demand performance and affordability, while Arbitrum One is optimal for scenarios that demand Ethereum's pure trustlessness.


Ed FeltenCo-Founder + Chief Scientist
Steven GoldfederCo-Founder + CEO
Harry KalodnerCo-Founder + CTO

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